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1. Description: Commonly known as high silicon ultra-low carbon stainless steel. It is a new stainless steel material developed by us in 1985, which has excellent resistance to intergranular and stress corrosion. The application of C4 steel ball valve is a breakthrough for the development of China's nitric acid industry. Nitric acid is a strong oxidizing acid, and even dilute nitric acid has strong oxidation. The austenitic stainless steel C4 steel has good corrosion resistance because it is easy to passivate in dilute nitric acid. It can be said that almost all C4 steels have good corrosion resistance in dilute nitric acid. C4 (00Cr14Ni14Si4) is an ultra-low carbon and high silicon austenitic stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance in strong oxidizing media, far superior to ordinary stainless steel (including 304L). Compared with high silicon iron and high purity aluminum, its corrosion resistance is superior to high purity aluminum and close to high silicon iron, but its mechanical strength and machining performanceare unmatched by high purity aluminum and high silicon iron. Therefore, C4 steel is currently recognized as the material with the best comprehensive performance among medium materials with strong oxidation, especially concentrated nitric 2. Equivalent grade: C4 steel has won the first prize for scientific and technological progress achievements of the Ministry of Weapons. It is similar to Durcomet5 in the United States, Zu654 ^ in the former Soviet Union, VEWA611 in Germany, France and other Uranusso, which were included in the national standard GB2100-80 in 1984, and its code is 300. 3. Chemical Composition:
Grade Compsition Chemical (Max %)
C Si Mn Cr Ni P S
C4 (00Cr14Ni14Si4) ≤0.02 3-4.5 ≤1.0 13.0-15.0 13.0-15.0 ≤0.0035 ≤0.03
4. Advantage Property: C4 stainless steel has the following advantages:. 1) There is no knife edge corrosion after welding, and it has good resistance to small hole corrosion and excellent resistance to stress corrosion;. 2) C4 stainless steel has good toughness, increases safety and reliability, and avoids the danger of ignition and explosion of industrial pure titanium in fuming nitric acid; 3) C4 stainless copper key is far superior to the corrosion resistance of high-purity aluminum, and has mechanical propertiesunmatched by high-silicon cast iron. Its welded joint has mechanical properties and corrosion resistance equivalent to the base metal. 5. Polished pipe picture 00ba6b2702fb14731d1b8fb0fc97793 6. Application: C4 steel can be widely used in chemical, fertilizer, mining and metallurgy, national defense, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, pesticide, dye, paper, food and other industries. C4 stainless steel pipe is mainly used for concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid projects with a concentration of 98s 7. Stcok size: 89*5mm 76*5mm 57*5mm 8. Packing show: 未标题-1  

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